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Papers On Sports Management, Business & Law
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Economic Impacts of Sports Stadiums
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This 8 page paper looks at the potential economic impact that a new sports stadium may have on an area. The paper considers the way that stadiums have been used as tools to help regenerate areas and stimulate local economic development. Research is reviewed and discussed to asses whether stadiums can create a net economic benefit or are more likely to result in a loss. The discussion includes how and why the advantages and disadvantages occur. The bibliography cites 15 sources.
Filename: TEstadiume.rtf

Economics of Major League Baseball and Television
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This 5 page report discusses how television has affected Major League Baseball and the economics of the relationship between television and the game. Television has undeniably changed the character and promotion of sports stars in all games. While many television and sports analysts claim that baseball and television are not a profitable mix, the fact remains that television revenues for baseball broadcasts are extremely significant. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: BWbase.rtf

Equine Qualifications and the British Horse Society
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This 6 Page paper considers the importance of qualifications for those in the equine industry, such as horse riding instructors. The paper is a literature review of the qualifications that are available from the British Horse Society (BHS). The bibliography cites 5 sources.
Filename: TEhorsequ.rtf

Foreign players in English football
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A paper which considers the changing way in which foreign players in English football have been perceived since the 1930s and the impact which the influx of foreign players has had upon the game in the past few decades. Bibliography lists 5 sources
Filename: JLengfoot.rtf

Golf Is . . .
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This 6 page report discusses the game of golf, why people love/hate it, its role in business, its popularity, its ability to both reduce and increase stress. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: Golfis.wps

Golf Today
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A 5 page paper discussing the current trends in golf and the general condition of the sport. Special attention is given to the development of golf through the past which has led to the current level of involvement this sport demonstrates today. What was once a sport designed to involve only the rich elite enthusiasts is now a sport that nearly everyone can relate to. It has become a sport that is, perhaps, as American as apple pie. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: Golftody.wps

Grievance Procedures in Sports
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This 9 page paper discusses the grievance procedures and other aspects of major league football, baseball and basketball. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: HVsptgrv.rtf

Honeywell Stadium Security System
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A 3 page paper discussing the need for increased stadium security and the capabilities of the Honeywell Stadium Security System. The system includes provision for fire detection, security and close-circuit television, as well as for public address voice alarm and a system for the hearing impaired. It also provides communications capabilities. Expensive at $3.9 million, it may be able to save the stadium through reduced personnel need, tighter security and lower insurance premiums. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: KSstadiumSec.rtf

Influences on Football Attendance; A Research Proposal
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This 16 page paper is a research proposal to investigate why a football team that is performing well may still be seeing a decline in ticket sales. There is a great deal of literature that associated the demand for tickets with performance levels and outcome uncertainly. There is also a smaller level of studies that has identified other factors, such as ticket cost, weather, day of the week and employment status may also impact on attendance. This paper proposes primary quantitative research with casual fans of a football club to assess what influences are impacting on the attendance in order to develop a simple but comprehensive model of influences. The bibliography cites 15 sources.
Filename: TEfootattd.rtf

International Sports Federations
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This 7 page essay discusses the concept of international sports federations and the ways in which they have a distinctly economic impact on the world. The past few years have not been some of the best for the various international sports federations of the world in terms of their image and prestige. At the core of many of the issues is the one that governs so much of modern life -- economics. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: BWintspo.rtf

Interview With a Gay Athlete
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A 2 page paper which presents a fictional interview with a female athlete who happens to be gay. The questions asked address issue relating to negative treatment, prejudices, and stress. No additional sources cited.
Filename: RAgayath.wps

Interview With an African American Athlete
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A 2 page paper fictional interview with an African American hockey player. Questions address the attitude of the press, other teams, teammates, and general conditions of racism and stress related to such realities.
Filename: RAafrath.wps

Investing in a New Fitness Club -- Finding the Investors
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This 6 page report discusses the simple fact that the business ventures that prove to be the most successful are those with the best investors. When the combination of an entrepreneur with a particular vision is backed by the strength of a financial partner who has confidence in the venture, an important aspect of the overall business effort is satisfied. This is true in businesses ranging from restaurants to manufacturing. This report considers some of the ways investors can and should be attracted to efforts to open a health and fitness club. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: BWinvfit.rtf

Leadership Approaches & Sports Management
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An 8 page paper that provides an overview of basic management styles and considers their application for sports management. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
Filename: Leadspor.doc

Leadership In Sport
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This 9 page paper investigates leadership and begins with a definition of leadership. The writer then reports and explains the three broad categories into which most leadership styles fall, trait theories, environmental theories and behavior theories. Transactional and transformational leadership is then described and explained. How charisma fits into the styles is discussed. The paper then turns to sport literature and describes cohesion and the need for role differentiation and interdependence. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: PGsptld.rtf

Major League Baseball and the Umpires Association
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This 8 page report discusses the controversies that have revolved around labor issues of Major League Baseball and baseball umpires. Certain fundamental labor issues are in force, however, the unique aspects of professional sports adds to the overall complexity of the process. The decision by the umpires to “quit” rather than strike in September of 1999 ultimately backfired on them and they have had to work to reconstruct some type of a professional association for collective bargaining. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: BWumpbb.wps

Marketing Research Study; Marketing Techniques Used by NBA Teams
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This is 4 page paper reviews a research article investigating the marketing of NBA teams. The paper summarises the article which assesses the value of different marketing techniques to increased attendance gains as it is perceived by the NBA marketers and the attendees. The bibliography cites one source.
Filename: TEnbamark.rtf

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