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Papers On Animal Rights & Zoology
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Putting a Halt to Animal Experimentation as it Stands
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A 6 page paper which argues that animal experimentation is not necessary and should be seriously regulated to ensure that animals are protected adequately. The works of Peter Singer and Carl Cohen are presented in supporting this argument. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: RAanirght.doc

Readings on Death & Dying
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A 3 page essay on 3 readings from antiquity. While much has changed in the millennia since ancient Greece and Rome were in their ascendancy, the basic facts of humane existence have not changed. The specter of death haunts the modern psyche just as it did for Socrates, Plato, and Marcus Aurelius. The thoughts of these ancient philosophers can, therefore, inform modern readers as they offer food for thought on the topic of dealing with death and the fear of death. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: khddasp.rtf

Responsible Pet Ownership
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4 pages in length. Being a responsible pet owner involves myriad aspects beyond providing food, water and shelter, however, far too many people mistakenly believe this is all that is required to properly care for a pet. Such concerns as veterinary care, proper containment, puppy- or kitten-proofing the home, training and a nutrient-rich diet are but a few of the main attributes responsible pet owners undertake for the entire life of the pet. No bibliography.
Filename: TLCPetOwnerResp.rtf

Retrieving A Dog
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5 pages in length. What is your first instinct when you see a stray dog on the road? Assume he knows where he is going? Hope someone else stops to help him? Interrupt your plans and rescue the dog? If you decide the latter, what will you do with him once you get him? The writer discusses that as urgent as medical care is for an injured animal, knowing how to correctly retrieve a dog from a precarious situation will help to not only benefit the animal but also ensure the rescuer remains uninjured, as well. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: TLCdog.doc

Retrospective & Perspective Memory In Rats
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A 10 page examination of the phenomena of memory and how it is evidenced in rats. Emphasizes the role experimental design can have on the results and conclusions of an experiment. Bibliography lists 22 sources.
Filename: Memorat.wps

Review of R.D. Lawrence’s “In Praise of Wolves” (1986)
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This is a 3 page review of R.D. Lawrence’s “In Praise of Wolves”. Spanish born R.D. Lawrence lives on a 100-acre wilderness farm in Haliburton Highlands, 170 km north of Toronto, Ontario and has written over 29 books on nature and wildlife. In the spring of 1983, Lawrence and his wife traveled to Ishpeming in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to study an untamed but captive pack of wild wolves and compared their behavior to those he had previously studied in the wild and with the two wolf cubs which he himself had raised. During the study and his use of other studies he has conducted on packs in the wild, Lawrence often contradicts other scientific theories in that he proposes that in many ways, wolves in the wild provide a much closer study and comparison to human behavior than do many studies on primates, considered humans’ closest natural relatives. In addition, Lawrence through the use of biological, sociological and psychological comparisons is not afraid to apply human terms to wolves in the text. Instead, Lawrence has found that in many ways, humans could learn from wolf behavior in terms of their handling of aggression (as opposed to the human emotion of anger) and stress in the wild. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: TJRDLaw1.rtf

Richardson's Ground Squirrel Hibernation Habits
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4 pages in length. The evolution of Richardson's ground squirrels allows them to bypass the long, food-restricted winters by virtue of hibernation, a time when the mammals' entire physical composition slows down to such an extent that it takes very little in the way to keep them alive during this dormant state. With the decrease in heart and breathing, along with a significant drop in body temperature, Richardson's ground squirrels become wholly adapted to living for several months until spring renewal. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TLCSquirRich.rtf

Roman Gladiator Games: The Venatio
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8 pages in length. Animals and sports have had a long-standing love/hate relationship: For man, the benefits are more times than not skewed in his favor for conquest; for the animal, the spectacle known as entertainment is nothing more than an attempt at fighting for his life. For the Roman gladiators, animal slaughter was mere folly – a precursor to the real event: human-to-human massacre. It is interesting, however, the extent to which the Roman Government went in order to supply these events with the massive numbers of animals required, often scouring the Roman Empire and beyond as a means by which to capture and retrieve the thousands upon thousands of various species tagged for such a dreadful fate. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: TLCVenat.rtf

Saving Felix: How Much Is Too Much?
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This 3 page paper discusses Frederick Lynch’s article about the huge amount of money he spent to save his cat Felix, and argues that it’s his money to do with as he pleases but even more importantly, Felix is a friend and there’s no price too high when it comes to saving a friend’s life. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: HV4felix.rtf

Saving Fritz: How Much Is Too Much?
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This 3 page paper explores Frederick Lynch’s article about the money he spent on his pet cat Fritz, and argues that since Fritz could not give his consent to the treatment, Lynch had to do what he felt was best. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: HV4Fritz.rtf

Saving Fritz: Is There A Limit to Love?
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This 3 page paper explores Frederick Lynch’s article about the money he spent on his pet cat Fritz, and argues that since Fritz could not give his consent to the treatment, Lynch had to do what he felt was best. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: HVfrtzrv.rtf

Search & Rescue Dogs
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This 12 page overview on SAR dogs contains specific information on training methods used, including techniques taught by the American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA), an organization whose models are replicated in teaching "air scenting" to dogs around the country. Preferred breeds are discussed, particularly the Newfoundland who has a propensity for water rescue. Ways in which dogs are used for searching, tracking and rescuing are illustrated throughout the paper. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
Filename: Sard.wps

Seeing Eye Dogs
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3 pages in length. Sight is one of the primary senses that far too many people take for granted; being able to see is as automatic as being able to breathe. However, some people do not have the "luxury" of vision, inasmuch as they were born blind or have since lost their sight. The opportunity for a relatively normal, quality-filled life is often directly related to whether or not the blind individual has people nearby to help all throughout the day, yet even this restricts the individual's sense of personal freedom. This is where seeing eye dogs play an integral role by performing many menial tasks that other people would do, as well as give the blind person a renewed sense of independence. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: TLCSeeEye.rtf

Self-Recognition in Chimpanzees and Gorillas
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A 10 page comparative paper that discusses the differences relative to self-recognition in chimpanzee and gorilla population. Gallup, Povinelli and Patterson, as well as many other prominent researchers, have recognized a marked difference in the cognition of these two primate species in relation to their abilities to self-recognize in the presence of mirror images. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: Chimps.doc

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Filename: mspaper2

Sexual Mimicry
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This 11 page paper provides an overview of the basic elements of sexual mimicry in animal populations. This paper outlines the way in which some animals achieve genetic (reproductive) success by 'pretending' to be the opposite sex. Further, this paper also describes examples and analyzes the dynamics of this phenomenon, including when this 'skill' is beneficial. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: MHmimicr.wps

Shaw/Mrs. Warren's Profession
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A 3 page essay that discusses the relationship between Mrs. Warren and her daughter Vivie in Shawl's play. The writer argues that the relationship between Vivie and her mother mirrors Victorian morality, but also indicates a progressive attitude on the part of Shaw in that he locates the cause of prostitution not in depravity but poverty. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: khwargbs.rtf

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